We received this GREAT review, with pictures, from a happy customer

“Just wanted to let you know now that we’re in winter and just had a blizzard with 60 mph winds how your work and roof is.

About 72-74 degrees inside furnace hardly runs at all just have a radiant heater plugged in. Been running the front fan on the AC to circulate the heat in the ceiling thru the roof vents. Boxed in the refrigerator vents this year since last year the ammonia mix refrigerant gelled up and had to pull the fridge out and apart to get it working again. The heat coming off the top circulates back down and it’s keeping it about 65 degrees without the little electric heater running I had there last year. It’s there just in case but pretty efficient to use the heat coming off the top of the fridge (basic refrigeration) and reuse that heat. Skirted all around with 1 1/2″ foam board, even the sides of the slides.

Rubber roof you sprayed on obviously helps with insulation big time, the amount of snow on the roof isn’t melting from heat loss and the way the heater isn’t running as much is proof this roof you did is amazing and definitely well worth having done. Well below zero with wind chills and going to get colder once this storm clears off. True testament to this product’s value and worth in propane savings alone.”

** This was originally posted on Facebook via the email they sent us**