THROWBACK: We received this Google review one year ago this week…

“40ft 2019 Keystone Cougar 368MBI. Recently I had a tree branch fall and puncture the factory membrane in my roof. Instead of going back with the cheap factory material I looked around at what else was available for the longevity and investment to keep my RV in top condition. I came across flex armor and the closest place was Midwest RV. I filled out the quote on the website and the next day Sam was calling to get in touch about my inquiry. I gave him pictures of and he provided all the details necessary, answering all my questions in detail that I knew this was the roof I wanted put on.

With the possibility of weather causing water damage I felt it urgent to get started ASAP and Sam was extremely accommodating with availability the coming weekend. There was an incident that came up and communication between both of us lined up the following weekend. It worked out perfectly. Granted Sam’s top notch, clean, and professional shop was 450 miles and 6+ hours one way to get to I got it down to him on a Saturday, met briefly with him about what the process would be and a few minor things I wanted to add on. I left it there and Sam and his guys were right on it.
Pics of the prep work couldn’t have been more professional. Details and the workmanship put into the job were obvious. They even finished it a day earlier than I had expected. With my work schedule it worked to run and get it that same day they finished which put me picking it up at 9pm. Sam wasn’t around but accommodated me and my schedule having his wife meet me to settle the payment and get the warranty paperwork.

I can’t be more happy with this RV now. Lifetime guarantee, absolutely no more caulking on the roof to constantly check and maintain. Everything is 100% sealed and looks amazing. I did ask Sam to do the edges around in black and the color added just makes it look really sharp. Sam also added the fan vent covers while he was at this job as an extra I figured was a good time to do it. He had the parts to do it right on hand.

Overall this was an amazing business and guy to work with. Extremely friendly, kind, generous, knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. He took care of every detail and nobody could have done a better job. He cares about the quality of work he’s sending out the door.

I drove a total of 1800 miles and 26 hours and would do it again if I had to to get Midwest RV to do another job applying flex armor. I doubt that day will ever come again as this workmanship is going to last a very long time.

Thanks again Sam for your help and the job you and your guys did on my RV. Best of luck to you and your business there. Anyone thinking about flex armor, call Sam and get it done!!”